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Oil Mop Environmental Services Ltd uses a state of the art fully automatic incineration unit, tailored to EU and EPA standards. This unique machine allows for the incineration of a variety of refuse and waste materials. The incineration capabilities of this machine include:

  • Oily rags, gloves, used Personal Protect Equipment (PPE)

  • Absorbent materials

  • FiltersWood by-products

  • Restaurant waste

  • Paper waste

  • General non-hazardous waste


Used oil does not change it just gets dirty and can be recycled. Activities that contribute to oil waste generation include cleaning engines and parts, replacing engine and transmission fluids and repairing and maintaining equipment. Much waste oil is generated from spills and leaks that occur while repairing vehicles or from poorly maintained equipment; this waste can be reduced. Recycling used oil conserves a natural resource (oil) and is good for the environment.

Motor oil poured onto the ground or into storm drains, or tossed into trash cans (even in a sealed container) can contaminate and pollute the soil, groundwater, streams and rivers with lead (Pb), magnesium (Mg), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), chromium (Cr), Arsenic (Ar), chlorides (Cl), cadmium (Cd). Recycling your used motor oil reduces this pollution threat.

Used oil should not be mixed with other substances such as gasoline, paint solvents, pesticides or antifreeze; this creates hazardous waste. Used oil may be considered a characteristic hazardous waste if tested and found to contain excessive levels of certain contaminants such as lead, arsenic, cadmium or chromium. Disposal of used motor oil by pouring it into storm or sewer drains, dumping it onto the ground, or placing it with household trash may create risks to human health and the environment.


Human health is affected if rainwater carries metal-laden oil into underground streams and contaminates drinking water. Surface run-off from ground disposal and oil poured down drains often lead to water treatment plants, streams or rivers, which can also affect drinking water supplies. Used oil from a single oil change can ruin a million gallons of fresh water, a year’s supply for 50 people.

Used oil in surface water harms wildlife. Oil also depletes the oxygen supply of fish and other aquatic life and hinders the ability of birds to fly. When plants are grown in soil or fed by water contaminated by used oil, they absorb (or bio-accumulate) the high concentrations of heavy metals. Plants used for food or fodder should never be grown in soil contaminated with used oil. One of the indirect risks of such environmental dangers is the poisoning of the food chain, which ultimately affects human health.


Oil Mop's Process Plant converts the spent oil into a usable blend.

The system design involves the following stages:-

  • Before any feed enters the system, the large particle solids must be removed. This can be done by either static settlement, de-sludging or course filtration.

  • A stable homogeneous feed is essential. This is achieved by mixing in holding tanks and blending feed streams.

  • Heat is applied to the holding tanks.

  • Pretreatment of the feed stock is used to chemically and physically break the emulsion mixtures present and release the fine solids, which are bound up in the emulsion.

  • The released solids settle through the oil and water phases in the system and are discharged separately from the liquids.

  • The correct assessment and monitoring of the pretreatment program is the key to success.

  • The final product obtained is that of a usable blend.


Crushing of fluorescent bulbs releases toxic mercury vapour and phosphor dust and when incineration is used as an alternative method to disposal it emits mercury vapours that can travel over 200 miles. Mercury is number 3 on the 2007 list of hazardous substance as outlined by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Oil Mop Environmental offers a solution to this hazard by using an environmentally friendly bulb crusher. This machine eliminates the emission of toxic vapours into the atmosphere and at the same time provides an effective way of disposing spent bulbs.

Our unit has an air tight system designed to pull all vapours through its filters, once the bulb has been crushed. The unit’s filters are specifically designed to capture mercury vapours.

These filters are replaced frequently and are encapsulated in concrete upon disposal to prevent further leaching of toxins into the environment. The residual glass is also collected and is encapsulated in concrete and is disposed of at an approved disposal facility.


Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited has provided the regional industry with safe and efficient tank cleaning services. We have the ability and expertise to complete the project on time and on budget. Oil Mop's experience covers all facets of tank cleaning and ancillary services.

That experience also covers many types of products that include but are not limited to:-

  • crude oil bottoms
  • diesel
  • acids
  • gasoline
  • food grade products
  • benzene
  • refined
  • products
  • catalyst
  • caustic
  • pesticides
  • polymers
  • fish oils
  • lube oils

Whether your project is to vacuum out a 500-gallon underground storage tank or clean and decommission a 50,000 bbl storage tank, Oil Mop is the right company to choose for the job.


Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited has served the oil and gas industry for many years. Oil Mop's experienced staff know the value of completing a project safely and on time. Pressure vessels, separators, heat exchangers, storage tanks and slop oil tanks are just a few of the wide array of vessels and process equipment that Oil Mop is capable of cleaning. Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited also provides recycling facilities for all liquid hydrocarbons that are generated by these cleaning activities.


Waste water treatment at our facility is a two stage process. Firstly, water from the storage tanks goes to a clarifier, which is the pre-treatment stage and has the capability to deal with any solids and oils that may be present. It also adjusts the pH and introduces ozone into the system. Secondly, the water goes to the EC (electro coagulation) unit which deals with any metals in the water. It is equipped with a polymer injection system which coagulates any solids that were missed in the first stage. The water then goes into the bio tanks, where it is treated with bio digesters and discharged.


Our drum crusher is designed to crush both steel and plastic containers up to 55 gallon drums with ease. This service can help to maximise your space by eliminating the need to store bulky drums. Oil Mop Environmental Services Ltd also offers the option to collect the containers.



Our fleet of vacuum trucks provides supplementary services to our clients who require various liquid based removal and transport. Our fleet has the ability to service volumes ranging from 20 BBLs to 160 BBLs. In addition, every truck in the fleet meets the necessary inspection certification required within the industrial sector.


Oil Mop Environmental Services Ltd. has been in the pumping industry since its inception. Our team of experienced and trained supervisors have the ability to adapt to our clients request and provide them with superior service. The company utilizes centrifugal, pneumatic diaphragm and trash pumps in the provision of our services.


  • Backhoe Rentals
  • Compressor Rentals
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Lighting Tower Rentals
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Pond Cleaning
  • Spill Kit Sales
  • Steam Pressure Washing
  • Sump & Pit Cleaning
  • Truck Rental: Hiab, Flat beds, Tankers & Trailers

About Us


Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited (OMES) is a locally owned environmental and waste management service company. Incorporated in 1993 in Port of Spain, Trinidad, the company has been built on the ever growing need to ensure that environmental and waste management practices and standards are upheld both nationally and regionally. Recognizing the complexity of environmental and waste management needs, Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited provides its’ customers with reliable and cost effective services. Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited has the capability to provide a full range of environmental and waste management services to a diverse clientele including governmental/municipalities, manufacturing and petrochemical sectors. Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited is committed to building long term relationships with our clients. We aim at developing practical solutions to local, regional and international environmental and waste management problems by careful consideration of the local and international economic climate, the incorporation and adherence to current and emerging local and international standards, human resource management and the adaptation of new technologies.


To provide practical cost effective solutions to environmental and waste management problems, through careful consideration of local conditions, objectives, human resources and technologies, thereby sustaining ourselves, our clients and our country and other countries through the use of innovative technologies and maximum utilization of our local resources.


To provide the best in environmental and waste management services.


In recognising our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Oil Mop Environmental Services Ltd supports and promotes green initiatives to contribute to a cleaner environment. Contact us if you would like help with Greening your Community!


Since the start of this service, Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited has created an intricate network of oil collection programs throughout the Caribbean region. Because of this success we have opened an office in the island of St. Maarten. This has enabled us to increase our scope of operations, allowing us to achieve our goal of successful regional expansion.

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