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To provide the best in Environmental and Waste Management Services


Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited (OMES) aims at becoming the best in the field of environmental and waste management solutions, which encompasses services such as bioremediation, incineration, oil recovery and recycling, waste water treatment and supporting ancillary services such as equipment rentals whilst incorporating and sustaining a Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (H.S.S.E) system that goes beyond industry standards.

Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited is a company which provides environmental and waste management services to the Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Commercial sectors. We thrive and grow in today’s economy, rigorously and successfully pursuing our economic opportunities, while we conscientiously meet our occupational health, safety, environment and social responsibilities. To meet these responsibilities, Oil Mop Environmental Services Limited will commit to the following principles:

  • Complying with all applicable HSSE legal and other requirements as a minimum.
  • Operating our facilities to protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the public by adhering to industry standards and best practices for the company’s type of operations.
  • Ensuring that health, safety, security and environmental considerations are a priority in our standard operating procedures for the planning, development and execution of all internal and external jobs.
  • Planning and providing adequate and continuous communication, education, training, and resources to all employees to adhere to the company’s HSSE policy.
  • Ensuring that all incidents are reported, documented and appropriate corrective and preventative measures implemented to prevent a re-occurrence.
  • Developing and maintaining a positive HSSE culture that encourages communication with employees in the continuous identification of hazards, risks and prevention of incidents.
  • Preparing emergency response systems and contingency plans for all operations to respond promptly and effectively so as to mitigate impacts to health, safety and the environment.
  • Continuously improving and checking of the company’s Management System through a system of audits, monitoring and measurement and management review.
  • Using, where practicable, products, programmes and processes that preserve the environment and prevent, reduce, mitigate and control pollution.
  • Communicating our HSSE policy and working with all stakeholders to ensuring compliance with our set HSSE principles.

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